Thursday, 10 July 2014

Cool Things Vol.2: Lush's Mask of Magnaminty

Me in the morning doing my thang #filter 

Everyone and their grandma has heard about Lush's Mask of Magnaminty, but here's where things get a little different, a little...cooler.

Why this mask is super cool:

  • it makes your skin tingle
  • it's green
  • it is perfect for de-puffing your eyes in the morning!!
I'm pretty sure this discovery qualifies me as a genius, that and I have the hair to go with it.

Wise words: Don't get this stuff in your eyes. That would really suck.



  1. This used to be my all-time favourite mask! The scent and texture are fab. I now find that the mint irritates my skin a bit, but I love the idea of using it as an eye mask :)


  2. Sorry to hear that, Jen! The scent is to die for, though, isn't it? ;)

  3. i haven't tried this lush mask yet!

    from helen at

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  4. Such an awesome idea to use it as an eye mask! I love the Lush masks.. so delish!

  5. Girl! You look so pretty even with that green goop under your eyes! I've read through your recent blog posts and loved them. =) I'm a little too chicken to give Lush Masks a try...strangely enough I broke out majorly when I used one of their sea salt scrubs...

    However, all the things in this mask make it sound very soothing. Esp the peppermint in the kaolin!

    1. Guuurl you are too kind! Tbh i have no idea what kaolin is, but it sounds super whole-foodsy so it must be a big deal. Hope all is well!! Come to van soon! Xx

  6. This sounds fab! My eyes can be SO puffy in the morning x

    Josie’s Journal

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