Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Cool Things Vol.1: Ryan Gosling 'Hey Girl' Journal

Inspired by Martha Stewart's 'Good Things,' I bring you, 'Cool Things.' I was gifted this journal for my birthday last year, but only started using it recently #whatwaswrongwithme.

Why this journal is awesome and super cool:

  • Ryan Gosling's big, beautiful face graces the cover 
  • he gives me a pep-talk every two pages
  • you and your friends can write in some of his speech bubbles 

#plaidforlife - Kelsey knows me all too well

Shout out to ma gurl kesleydo who gifted me this super cool journal! Visit her #supercool blog!!


Monday, 16 June 2014

Secret Key Gold Racoony Hydro Gel Eye & Spot Patches Review

Secret Key Gold Racoony

I bought the Secret Key Gold Racoony Hydro Gel Eye & Spot Patches because I was looking for something inexpensive that would de-puff and refresh my eyes, especially in the morning. Knowing how affordable and good quality korean cosmetics were, I scanned eBay and came across Secret Key. It retails for approx. $12 USD for 90 sheets (60 eye patches and 30 spot patches).

Secret Key Gold Racoony 
Secret Key Gold Racoony Eye and Spot Patches
Secret Key Gold Racoony Spot Patch
Secret Key Gold Racoony Eye Patch

Main ingredients: 

adenosine, allantoin, aloe extract, castor oil, chamomile extract, freesia extract, green tea extract and lavender extract

Product claims:

  • environmentally friendly gel that will moisturize the area permanently
  • gold component moisturizes and provides elasticity
  • soothes irritated areas of skin
  • plant and herb extracts soothe and protect from external influences
  • fits snuggly onto skin

  • fits snuggly onto skin
  • drastically reduces the look of tired eyes (makes you look more awake)
  • reduces swelling
  • spot patches significantly reduced the swelling/size of my irritated pimples
  • skin feels firm, refreshed and moisturized after application (they recommend 20-30 minutes)
  • affordable
  • adorable packaging :3
  • slight tingling sensation

  • product is heavily perfumed (not recommended for those who are sensitive to smells)
  • the shape of the eye patches makes it a bit tricky to manipulate underneath the eye (may get product in your eye, as a result)
  • serum leaves a sticky residue

My biggest problem with this product is the scent; it's just a little too overbearing. As a result, I find myself avoiding it on some mornings. The shape of the eye patches are also a bit too round, making it a bit tricky to place under the eye but I got used to it after several applications. Also, they recommend to let the serum absorb into the skin post-application, but I find it to be too sticky. I gently rinse the area with warm water before continuing with my makeup routine.

Overall, I definitely think this product is worth purchasing considering the price, the amount of applications it offers and the quality, in general!! What are some of your favourite korean makeup and beauty products?