Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Recent Happenings

Spring is here and I am ecstatic. To celebrate I thought I would get a little more personal with this post via random photos.

I won this Rilakkuma mug at an arcade. I probably spent more than it was actually worth, but as they say, 'the adventure is in the journey.' How cute is this thing?!

I have fallen in love again with one of my favourite lipsticks, 'Kittenish' by MAC. Unfortunately, it is a limited edition but I'm sure it will pop up in a future collection-- it has to!! I'm wearing it with MAC's lip pencil in 'plum.'

This is a stamp that my Japanese professor put on my kanji (Chinese characters) test. It's basically Pikachu telling me to quit being so incompetent and to 'try a little harder.'

xx mindy