Saturday, 26 January 2013

Casio Men's Watch Model 587 593

Casio Men's Watch Model 587 593
I've been wanting a wrist-watch forever and for the longest time I had been eyeing a particular type with the following criteria:  black leather strap. small circular face. gold. I honestly don't understand how I've managed to go from that very dainty and lady-like style to this Casio Men's Watch, but I'm happy that I've broadened my wrist-watch horizons.

It's very simple and very boy-ish, but one of the main reasons why I like it is the metallic strap. While a black leather strap is very classy, it tends to fade and warp over time, so I thought that a metallic strap would be more practical considering the price. Also, it is easily adjustable!

Casio Men's Watch Model 587 593
This type of watch usually retails for around $60 USD, and you can find this model or similar styles at american apparel or on asos. I got mine on Amazon Japan for 980 yen, which roughly converts to under $10 USD--don't hate! I don't understand how I've been living so long without a watch; it's practically shameful.

xx mindy


  1. Tempted to get one of these before my Eurotrip this summer, looks really good too! Xxx

    1. Hey Kitty, thanks for stopping by! It's such a fantastic watch for the price! xx