Sunday, 27 October 2013

Frizzy Hair Don't Care!

Frizz is something I cannot avoid, and since I live in Vancouver (where it's raining continuously for months on end) I only have to step outside for a few moments to be reminded just incase I forgot. I have people approach me all the time saying, "You're hair is amazing!" "Is it natural??" "You must hate it, don't you?" Thank-you, yes, and yes, sometimes I do. 

It's one thing people approaching you and giving you compliments but it's another thing when people make comments about you that you're not supposed to hear. A few days ago, I went shopping with a friend. I was waiting in line to pay when I heard a middle-aged man standing a few people behind me say, "She looks like a lion." Wait a second...he's taking about me!! Needless to say I got upset. Now, I just want to skip the pity party: "Who cares! you and your hair are amazing!! own it, girl! *insert sexy jungle woman reference*" blah blah blah. I'm sorry, but I'm over it. Regardless of his intentions, what the man said was rude, which brought me to write this and share my feels.

Despite all my troubles, I have learned how to embrace my hair in at least one way: frizz. For years, I tried to fight the big, bad frizz. I've put so much product in my hair, I'm surprised I haven't developed any bald spots. There is no doubt that I was definitely a true advocate of the 'wet and crunchy' look. As the years went by, the maintenance just got overwhelming, and not being able to touch my hair because of the inevitable stickiness just wasn't fun anymore. I switched out my moose and hair gel for leave-in cream. For all of you who are unfamiliar with the us curly folk and our ways, this is a very dangerous thing. Leave-in cream offers moisture, but it can old maintain the curl for so long before it goes wild...frizzy. But you know what?? I got over it. In fact, the frizz ended up working out way better than the 'wet and crunchy' ever did. But there is something I've learned through this whole growth process...some people don't like frizz, and it doesn't have even to be on their own head. This is what I like to call "frizz-discrimination." In fact, recently I've been called out on my heinous ways. 

I was on campus with friends trying to find a place to sit so we could have lunch. I walked passed a group of students, who had a fellow curly-haired compatriot. Her one friend made a comment, "Hey look!! it's your twin!!" to which my fellow curly-haired 'friend' said, "Ew, no way!! Her hair is way frizzier than mine!"--- Really?! I thought we were on the same team!! you know, fighting our curly-haired woes together...she was supposed to 'get' me!! This upsets me for numerous reasons, let me break it down for you. Firstly, wearing my hair 'frizz-less' takes a lot of unnecessary TLC: instead of wasting half my day preparing my hair for a curl that doesn't suit my facial structure, I'd rather waste my time on the internet, thanks. Secondly, I've put 'wet and crunchy' way behind me and I'm sorry, but I'm definitely not going back. 

I don't know what is it, but I feel that the combination of my skin colour (quite pale) and my hair type doesn't make a lot of sense to people. But damn it I'm entitled to frizz, too!! and I refuse to conform!! I understand that frizz isn't for everybody, but this is me embracing my natural hair in it's most natural form and I'm not going to let the media, or anybody for that matter, make me feel like a felonious cretin. So spread the word! embrace your frizz and stop frizz-discrimination! 

End rant.

xx mindy

Thursday, 18 July 2013

OOTD: Japanese Yukata at Gion Matsuri

The heat and humidity of the Japanese summer is not very nice for a girl with hair like me, but thanks to all the cultural festivals that are practically continuous throughout the season it makes it easier to look on the bright side! I recently attended Kyoto's famous Gion Matsuri sporting a traditional navy blue yukata (summer kimono) with white flower details, paired with a aqua/teal obi (traditional belt). 

While the streets of downtown Kyoto were crazy-crowded, the festival was so much fun and the atmosphere almost surreal; it definitely had an energy that I've never experienced before. I hope you're all having a wonderful start to your summer.

xx mindy

Friday, 12 July 2013

Gifted: Kiehl's and NYX

I received a package from a special man-friend yesterday and I thought I would share with you all! I've been wanting anything Kiehl's since forever, but I was happy that my first Kiehl's product was an eye cream. I have relatively deep-set eyes so under eye circles are practically unavoidable. The Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye cream (approx. $30 USD) was recommended and promises 'fresher, younger looking eyes by morning.' I also received a NYX soft matte lip cream (approx. $8 USD) in the colour Amsterdam. It's quite a pinky-red and I can't wait to wear it out!! thanks bf!!

xx mindy

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

Concealing my pores (particularly on my nose) is an essential step in my everyday makeup routine. However, I'm always very wary when it comes to primers because you are basically filling in your pores with a product that has a high possibility of causing you to break out. To avoid this, I thought I would try out Maybelline's Baby Skin Pore Eraser (approx. $12 USD, purchased in Japan) because of their 'lightweight and breathable' formula.

Long story short, I wasn't impressed. While the formula is indeed lightweight, as it claims, it offers absolutely no oil control (whatsoever) and it did not adhere to my makeup. No bueno. It also doesn't do a very good job of concealing larger pores. The only positive I can report is that it didn't cause me to have any break-outs on my sensitive skin.

If you have very cooperative, dryer skin this may be a good product for you to smooth over and give you an even more flawless look but if your looking for some moderate to serious coverage this is definitely something to pass. An ideal primer for me would have to not only conceal my enlarged pores, but adhere to my makeup while offering exceptional oil control. This product does not deliver.

-Poreless smooth skin
-Lightweight and breathable formula
-Does not clog pores

-Did not experience any breakouts
-Skin feels soft

-Feels greasy on oily skin
-Absolutely no oil control
-Does not conceal large pores
-Does not adhere to makeup in hot/humid weather (causes it to 'slip')

xx mindy

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Recent Happenings

Spring is here and I am ecstatic. To celebrate I thought I would get a little more personal with this post via random photos.

I won this Rilakkuma mug at an arcade. I probably spent more than it was actually worth, but as they say, 'the adventure is in the journey.' How cute is this thing?!

I have fallen in love again with one of my favourite lipsticks, 'Kittenish' by MAC. Unfortunately, it is a limited edition but I'm sure it will pop up in a future collection-- it has to!! I'm wearing it with MAC's lip pencil in 'plum.'

This is a stamp that my Japanese professor put on my kanji (Chinese characters) test. It's basically Pikachu telling me to quit being so incompetent and to 'try a little harder.'

xx mindy

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Tokyo DisneySea

In Japan there are not one, but TWO Disney theme parks; Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. I prefer Tokyo DisneySea because it is said to be targeted more towards a "mature" crowd. This basically translates to a whole lotta couples, Japanese school girls, and less families with younger children. Needless to say, everything was disgustingly cute and I got so overwhelmed with nostalgia and wanting to be a kid again that I nearly cried on numerous occasions.

Inside the Disney Rail - Tokyo Disney
Marching Band - Tokyo DisneySea

Lost River Delta - Tokyo DisneySea

Arabian Coast - Tokyo DisneySea
Mermaid Lagoon - Tokyo DisneySea

American Waterfront - Tokyo DisneySea

Port Discovery - Tokyo DisneySea
Mediterranean Harbour - Tokyo DisneySea

The Tower of Terror - Tokyo DisneySea

Toy Story Mania - Tokyo DisneySea

1-Day Pass Disney Rail Tickets: Valentine's Day-Themed - Tokyo DisneySea
Duffy: The Disney Bear - Tokyo DisneySea

The closing performance changed my life. Not even an exaggeration. Classic Disney moments were projected on water with the corresponding music while live characters where circulating on boats, dancing and waving. So impressive! so touching! so perfect!!! watch it, here!!!!!

If you ever get the chance to go to Japan, you definitely need to put DisneySea on your 'to-do' list! As for the attractions, I recommend the following: Indiana Jones Adventure, Mermaid Lagoon Theatre, StormRider, Journey to the Center of the Earth. For a full list of attractions, shows, shops, etc. click here!

I cannot stress learning FASTPASS etiquette enough! Getting a FASTPASS ticket for certain attractions can save you up to two hours of standing in line! for more details, here's a link! I also recommend keeping track of time, especially thirty to forty-five minutes before the park closes because you will want NEED a good view of the Mediterranean harbour, where they perform the final show. Trust me

xx mindy

Saturday, 16 March 2013

OPI's 'Light My Sapphire'

OPI's 'Light My Sapphire' is a deep bluish/purple with silver micro-glitter that gives it an almost cloudy sheen. Since it is a very dark colour, I was worried that the formula would be difficult to work with and bleed easily, but this formula has to be one of the best OPI formulas that I have ever worked with. It has a smooth, buttery consistency and is opaque after applying two coats. Super, just super! 

OPI's 'Light My Sapphire'
OPI's 'Light My Sapphire'
OPI's 'Light My Sapphire'
Despite the great formula, I have to admit that I found myself getting bored of this colour quite quickly. Maybe I'm just too excited for spring but I found the colour to be too deep and dark; not having enough dimension. Since it is named after a gem, I was hoping for a more vibrant shade of blue but it ended up being almost dull-looking in certain lighting. 

What's your favourite OPI nail polish??

xx mindy

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mac's 'Hot Tahiti' Lipstick

Hot Tahiti was my very first lipstick that I purchased from Mac. It is a glaze finish and the Mac website describes the colour as a 'reddish-coral." I love this lipstick because it's a very wearable red and very build-able, as well. It's my go-to red lipstick when I want a bit of added drama without having to worry about maintenance throughout the day.

Mac's Hot Tahiti
Mac's Hot Tahiti Lipstick at different intensities
The reason why Hot Tahiti is so wearable, apart from it being a glaze, is because it's a very dynamic colour. If worn lightly, it can come off as more of a pinky-orange shade. If you build the colour, it can come off as a deeper, plummy shade. I personally like wearing Hot Tahiti as more of a lip stain; wearing it quite lightly. If you're wanting something more dramatic, you can apply a red lip liner underneath, or even a darker shade of red lipstick.

Mac's Hot Tahiti
Hot Tahiti is a great shade of red for all those who are just getting their feet wet with red lipstick do not be afraid!!. I highly recommend it!

xx mindy

Monday, 4 March 2013

Denim Bomber Jacket

I picked up this acid wash denim jacket while shopping in Harajuku and I love it! The denim is actually quite soft, almost a chambray, and the gray hood is also detachable! They only had one size available (M), but I love the fit; it's not tight or restricting, but it's not so big that you feel like you're drowning in it. The stitching pattern and the cut are very unique; needless to say, I'm in love~

Denim Bomber Jacket 

Denim Bomber Jacket - Harajuku, Tokyo

Black Beanie - Asos

Is anyone else excited for spring?!

xx mindy