Sunday, 14 October 2012

Thrifty Finds: Autumn Attire

My favourite items to pick up while thrifting are definitely sweaters. They're easy to wear throughout the colder months, during the school year AND! they are an easy way to add some colour to your wardrobe.

I've been wearing this oversized green Gap sweater ever since I got my hands on it for $5. It is in the size XL but the v-neck makes it very wearable despite the borderline-excessive billowy-ness.

I got this red Topman sweater from a pile of free secondhand items at my dorm. It is a size S and I love it so much specifically because it's red. For a girl who wore nothing but black until only a couple years ago, this is shocking very good progress.

Notice the ethereal glow.

These Nevada black suede boots ($9) are very special purchase because I usually never find any footwear while thrifting. Not only are they my size, but they were practically brand new and unworn. Needless to say, it was destiny.

Hope you're all managing to stay warm!!

xx mindy


  1. Great thrifted finds! It's always a thrill to find a treasure at such a low price. Yay for scoring those shoes :)


    1. Definitely lucked in!! Thanks for stopping by Jen xx