Saturday, 15 September 2012

Products I'm Currently Loving

Macadamia's Nourishing Leave-In Cream has brought me back to curly; it tames my frizz while maintaining the curl. It also doesn't leave a sticky residue when it dries.

I've been pretty stressed out lately, and the proof is in the pizza-face. Clinique's clearing moisturizer has been helping a lot thanks to the benzoyl peroxide. It does wonders on white heads, as well!

I've been coveting Stella by Stella McCartney for a couple years now(true story), and I've finally managed to accumulate enough shoppers drug mart optimum points to get the 50ml for free! It has a floral/rosy scent with a touch of sweetness-- a very sophisticated perfume.

Sephora's nail colour in Techno Girl is a beautiful creamy bluish-pink. I think it would compliment all skin shades and it also looks really nice on the toes!

I recently relocated to Japan and I bought these oil blotting sheets by Shiseido. It is so humid in Japan, so these are a necessity. They came in a cute plastic cover and I got 150 sheets for 300 yen (approx. $3 USD). Not bad! They also claim to leave your makeup untouched.

My current go-to mascara is Maybeline's Illegal Length in blackest black. I don't like adding multiple coats of mascara because I cannot stand clumpy lashes. It doesn't give the greatest volume, but it does provide amazing length with the fiber extensions! It also fans out my lashes very nicely while maintaining a very natural look.

I've heard a lot of good buzz about Avene so I decided to give their Gentle toner a try. My hormones are currently raging so I haven't noticed too much of a difference on my face (if at all), but it feels very refreshing and gentle on the skin especially when you're perspiring heavily all day long.

xx mindy

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