Sunday, 9 September 2012

Aubrey Cross Body Bag

All my life I've been lugging around impractically large handbags. What was I thinking?? I never realised how much of a chore it was until I started university. It really does drain a lot of energy and makes running errands that much more troublesome.

That being said, say hello to my new best friend!

 I've never heard of the brand 'Aubrey,' but the jack rabbit on the tag was oddly comforting--it was obviously meant to be.

I purchased this baby on ASOS in their late summer sale. When I opened the package I was surprised that the colour of the leather was leaning more towards a deep brown, because the photos on the website were definitely a cream but this is good! I was specifically looking for a brown/tan bag anyway.

As you can see the inside is very small, and I welcome this wholeheartedly. No room for nonsense. I wore it out yesterday and it looked as great as I felt wearing it. I can tell that we're going to get along very well.

xx mindy

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