Sunday, 30 September 2012

Uniqlo Flannel Shirt

 For those of you who have never heard of Uniqlo, it is a Japanese casual wear retailer specializing in, you guessed it, casual wear! I love Uniqlo because it's a great for everyday basics and moderate trends. You can have a gander yourself, here!

I was browsing the store and ended up in the mens section, where I found this lovely flannel shirt! I've seen a similar shirt from Monki trending online, and ever since I saw Barbara (thepersianbabe) and Essie (essiebutton) sporting them I've been keeping my eyes peeled for something similar since Monki doesn't ship to North America. 

I bought this in a size M because my style tends to be very androgynous. It's a nice loose fit, so it can be worn as an oversized button-up or something to throw on over an outfit. The fabric is also a very thick and dense cotton so it offers some warmth, as well. 

In the pictures it comes out as very purple, but it's actually a nice deep blue and green. I was debating whether I should get it in the red and black, but I decided against it feeling it would make me look too lumberjack with my pale skin and reddish-brown hair, if ya know what I'm saying.

xx mindy

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Urban Outfitters Vintage Camo Army Jacket

My obsession for coats/jackets is undeniable. I just love how a nice jacket can pull a look together. Granted, it can be translated as being a bit lazy but hey it's all about personal expression right?!

I came across this lovely camo jacket while watching Barbara (alias: ThePersianbabe) rave about it on her youtube channel. You can watch her use it in an OOTD video here!

Unfortunately, it is only available on the UK website but luckily for me a friend of mine was in London this past summer who was able to pick it up for me.

The camo print gives off a very casual, yet stylish vibe so you can wear it with almost anything; a skirt, shorts, skater dress, black trousers, birthday suit, skinny jeans etc.! It would also look great layered with a cardigan or a sweater for the colder months ahead. M/L is a pretty loose, dare I say chunky, fit so definitely go a size down if you're looking for something more fitted.

Alas, it is a deadstock item so if you're looking for a one of a kind, true vintage jacket this may be up your alley!

Vintage Surplus Camo F2 Army Jacket: Urban Outfitters (UK)

xx mindy

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Japanese Fashion Magazine ViVi + clutch freebie!

Vivi September 2012, Issue 11

What I like about Japanese fashion magazines is that there is a magazine that corresponds to each unique sense of style. This is my first time picking up ViVi magazine, and that was specifically because it came with a free clutch! Getting a free bag/makeup bag a few times a year is customary in Japanese fashion magazines, similar to free cosmetic samples in the UK.

Lily Brown Freebie Clutch

Back of the clutch
'Sweet or Cool? I love Both!!' Preach.
The bag is actually quite cheap in quality, but I'd be an idiot if I wasn't expecting this. Regardless,  it is quite a cute clutch, indeed. The magazine even noted that the dimensions are large enough to fit an ipad, so if you're looking for a cute cover that provides little to no protection, go for it!

Another reason why I like Japanese fashion magazines is that a lot of focus is on the clothes. Trending items are pulled and paired with other items, essentially making a whole outfit around one item. The magazine is usually divided into sections, i.e. trending shoes, shirts, skirts, dresses, etc. They also have sections dedicated to makeup looks, hair, even nails.

Every magazine usually has a set of fixed models and they appear in almost every issue. These models essentially become celebrities and the magazine will usually have sections dedicated to a the models' beauty secrets, beauty regimes etc.

I personally really like ViVi because it is targeted for young adults. The fashion is similar to what is trending in the west (more specifically in the UK) so I really like this because I could never pull the cutesy Japanese-girl look although this mag is almost pushing it

The layout of Japanese fashion magazines are also great for creating inspiration boards. AND! they have sections dedicated to street style; something I really really really enjoy. I think every magazine should have street style inserts that are not strictly limited to New York, etc. fashion week, thanks.

I really hope that you enjoyed this post! it's a bit different, but as we all know fashion is universal :p

xx mindy

Friday, 21 September 2012

My Current Beauty Covets

my current beauty covets

I'm assuming that most of you are familiar with makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. I was watching her latest video on youtube and she had guest makeup artist Charlotte Tillbury create a beautiful look using Tom Ford's Shade and Illuminate. The consistency was so creamy and the model looked amazing after it was beautifully applied. You can watch the video here!

I first saw laura mercier's Metallic Creme Eye Colour used in a tutorial by the Pixiwoo sisters on youtube.  It just gives the eye such beautiful colour and depth with such little effort--this definitely appeals to me!

I have relatively deep-set eyes, so naturally I have quite dark under-eye circles. To be honest I'm quite wary about using under-eye concealer because everything I've used before ended up looking very dry and cake-y. I've heard nothing but good things about Bobbi Brown's Concealer Kit so maybe I'll give it a go in the near future.

Does anyone have any recommendations for an under-eye concealer/illuminator??

xx mindy

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Burberry Body Eau de Parfum

I had been looking for a new evening scent for quite some time and stumbled upon Burberry Body by chance. I was at my local Winners (Canada's version of Marshalls) and I saw that the 60ml bottle was marked down from $50 (which is already a bargain) to $30! SO! I took a chance and bought it without smelling it in store.

I had mixed feelings after opening it and smelling the cap; it had a very musky, somewhat oriental tang to it(not a big fan). To be honest at this point I was a touch disappointed. I usually do a lot of research before I buy a perfume, but this time I jumped the gun and just went for it. Nevertheless! I gave it a chance and the next day I put it on in the morning and gave it a go. By mid-day I was smitten. When it hits the skin, the scent sweetens (with fruity and vanilla notes) and balances the strong musky notes. Another thing I like about it was that it wasn't too strong. It gives off a sweet, alluring smell that is very gentle to the nose. 

I initially thought that this would strictly be considered an evening perfume but you could definitely wear it throughout the day. Some would argue that the scent doesn't last. Personally, I really like this about Burberry Body because while it is a very provocative smell it is also very soft and genteel. I don't want to be that person at uni riding on public transport giving people headaches with their perfume. My family and friends could still smell it on me at the end of the day, so I was satisfied. Isn't that ultimately what we all go for when I wear perfume, anyway? As long as others can smell it the perfume has done it's job.

I would recommend going to your nearest perfume counter and give it spritz. See how your skin reacts with it throughout the day!

I want to know what your go-to scent is! what have you been reaching for, recently??

xx mindy

Monday, 17 September 2012

Denim Jacket with Stud Details

Gotta love Japlish!
I mentioned in my last post that I recently relocated to Japan and I just wanted to share my first clothing purchase! It's a lovely boyfriend-style denim jacket with minimal studded details. 

I really love the look of this jacket because it's really just an oversized denim button-up shirt. The fit is spot-on because the cuffs fall just above the wrist, so there's really no need to roll up the sleeves unless that's the look you're going for.

I would also like to note that I am no longer a stud-virgin! I can understand why everyone some would argue that this is a pathetic attempt but it's a modest effort. I'm all for studs but I'm not one to advocate the trend, so this will do :)

hope everyone is well~

xx mindy

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Products I'm Currently Loving

Macadamia's Nourishing Leave-In Cream has brought me back to curly; it tames my frizz while maintaining the curl. It also doesn't leave a sticky residue when it dries.

I've been pretty stressed out lately, and the proof is in the pizza-face. Clinique's clearing moisturizer has been helping a lot thanks to the benzoyl peroxide. It does wonders on white heads, as well!

I've been coveting Stella by Stella McCartney for a couple years now(true story), and I've finally managed to accumulate enough shoppers drug mart optimum points to get the 50ml for free! It has a floral/rosy scent with a touch of sweetness-- a very sophisticated perfume.

Sephora's nail colour in Techno Girl is a beautiful creamy bluish-pink. I think it would compliment all skin shades and it also looks really nice on the toes!

I recently relocated to Japan and I bought these oil blotting sheets by Shiseido. It is so humid in Japan, so these are a necessity. They came in a cute plastic cover and I got 150 sheets for 300 yen (approx. $3 USD). Not bad! They also claim to leave your makeup untouched.

My current go-to mascara is Maybeline's Illegal Length in blackest black. I don't like adding multiple coats of mascara because I cannot stand clumpy lashes. It doesn't give the greatest volume, but it does provide amazing length with the fiber extensions! It also fans out my lashes very nicely while maintaining a very natural look.

I've heard a lot of good buzz about Avene so I decided to give their Gentle toner a try. My hormones are currently raging so I haven't noticed too much of a difference on my face (if at all), but it feels very refreshing and gentle on the skin especially when you're perspiring heavily all day long.

xx mindy

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Getting Cheeky: Nars Laguna Bronzer and Douceur Blush

I've finally committed and bought Nars' Laguna bronzer. I'm a bit late in hopping the bandwagon,  but I blame that on my frugal self. I would rather go through what I already have before buying more products unless it's complete crap.

Nars Laguna Bronzer

I love it because it compliments my fair and slightly olive skin tone while not leaving any shimmer. Instead, it gives me a warm natural glow which I will definitely need in the colder months ahead.

Nars Douceur Blush

The blush in Douceur was an impulse buy. I would describe it as a dusty rose/mauve colour, and it's gorgeous! I find that blushes with purple tones compliment fair skin quite nicely, so I hope to get a lot of use out of it! I also must add that the texture of Nars blushes are something else. Let's just say that, 'I get it' now.

xx mindy

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Aubrey Cross Body Bag

All my life I've been lugging around impractically large handbags. What was I thinking?? I never realised how much of a chore it was until I started university. It really does drain a lot of energy and makes running errands that much more troublesome.

That being said, say hello to my new best friend!

 I've never heard of the brand 'Aubrey,' but the jack rabbit on the tag was oddly comforting--it was obviously meant to be.

I purchased this baby on ASOS in their late summer sale. When I opened the package I was surprised that the colour of the leather was leaning more towards a deep brown, because the photos on the website were definitely a cream but this is good! I was specifically looking for a brown/tan bag anyway.

As you can see the inside is very small, and I welcome this wholeheartedly. No room for nonsense. I wore it out yesterday and it looked as great as I felt wearing it. I can tell that we're going to get along very well.

xx mindy