Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Thrifty Finds

There’s something oh so satisfying about finding that unique item that you know no one else will have. Another great thing about true vintage items is the cut. It’s more modest than most styles these days, plus the tailoring and quality of the materials are much better quality.  Here are a few lucky finds that I picked up over the past few months!

I came across these floral high-waisted shorts with orange and green pastel hues. I ended up really liking them, and had a few items already in my own closet that I could pair the shorts with.  I like to pair them with a pastel-green chiffon blouse, or some orange-toned tanks and tees. 

I found this dress at Salvation Army for $7.  I love this dress because of the modest cut; no obvious cleavage, hits right above the knee, and covers the shoulders.  This makes it very versatile; perfect for the office, church, or fun summer afternoon. The colourful print allows me to wear the dress with multiple lip and cheek combos!

I snatched these shorts from Value Village for $4.  They’re a stoned-washed khaki colour and I flipped up the cuffs to make them a bit more flattering. 

The last item is a pair of black suede pumps for $14, although I don’t consider these vintage because they’re only a few years old.  I picked these up at a consignment store that will take your old clothing (styles from the past 2-3 years) and give you cash. They mark them up and sell them, but if you’d rather get a few bucks for your goods than give them away for free, this might be a good option for you (see university student). 

Happy thrifting!!

xoxo curls


  1. I love thrifting, i always seem to find something even it's just a scarf for my hair and plus it's way cheaper than the high street!


  2. I know what you mean, you have to dig through the trash to find the treasure! Stay tuned for a fall/winter version of if our thrifted items!